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Top Post - In Process

Welcome to my LJ.

I'll likely only post fics, vids and random comments, so it's unlikely anything will be locked.

Details here.
About my creative works:


I have regular fics like most people but I'm also starting on a series of fics that begin the moment the Reboot movie ends and will move forward through the repairs to the ship and then through the original TOS episodes using the Reboot crew and timeline. That will eventually have it's own webpage.

I will post fiction both in my journal and on my website, so choose your poison.

My under construction website for stories is

The link for the stories in the list below is to my journal posting of that particular story.


All of my vids are located here -

FYI: I lost a hard drive, a whole 300 gigabytes, and in doing so, lost both in process stories and vids. I'll be trying to rebuild and recreate, so some of these links won't work for a while.

About my fandoms:

I like a lot of fandoms, seriously, but I only play in a few of them. Mostly, that's due to time and energy. So, my three main fandoms to actually create in are:

Star Trek: I am an original 1960s Trekker and love TOS but also love Reboot. Though I've been in the fandom since the first night it aired, I am only just now starting to write and vid it. I play in both universes and will sometimes bleed them together. I'm a Spock girl...and write both gen and Kirk/Spock slash.

Sentinel: I love the Sentinel, am a sucker for great buddy stories and great hair. I'm almost exclusively a slasher in this fandom, Jim/Blair only.

Lord of the Rings: Loved the books as a kid, still do now. I'm totally an elf girl; I write the others as needed for my elf stories. My favorite character is Elrond, followed closely by Legolas. The films were beautiful and the actors great but they do not really match my view of either character, nor most of the other elves, to be honest.

Master lists


The Sphere of Destiny Series - coming soon

Regular stories

Star Trek:

Where No Man - Reboot


The Oldest Dance
The Brass Ring
You Show Me Yours
Drabbles (a collection)

Lord of the Rings:

Come Away With Me
I Do Love You
Catch Me If You Can
Drabbles (a collection)


Star Trek:

ST:TOS - Soulmates - Natasha Bedingfield (done by request) - Kirk/Spock
ST:Reboot - Soulmates - Natasha Bedingfield - Kirk/Spock


At the Beginning - Richard Marx and Donna Lewis - Jim/Blair
Better Version of Me - Fiona Apple (Garrett's sister) - Jim/Blair

Lord of the Rings:

Harry Potter:

What About Everything - Carbon Leaf (for auction winner, due June 2010) - Gen

V For Vendetta:

Boomerang - Steven Strait - V and Evie

Sky High:

You Belong with Me - Taylor Swift - Will/Layla